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Enjoy an extensive array of proprietary wedding planning materials to help you plan the perfect wedding day. Only Wedding Expressions Photography offers you -

Multi-Media Magic -
A Selection of Extraordinary Planning Materials
Personalized Expressly for You

Choose the BEST photos from the ultimate list

•20 Categories • 112 Most Requested Subjects •
• 320 Specific Photos • PLUS Special Requests •


Bride and Groom Family Trees -

• Plan Your Invitations • Plan Your Photographs •
• Learn the Names and Relationships of all those New Relatives •

Wedding Day Time Chart and To Do List -

• Keep Your Wedding Day Events on Schedule •
• Insure that Your Wedding Day Flows Smoothly •

• Perfect Music Sampler •

You know you've heard the perfect music for the four parts of your wedding ceremony:
• The Prelude • The Processional • The Ceremony • The Recessional •

But what is the name of the classical composition you like so much - and what is the name of the composer? Save hours of time, and endless research - listen to your music sampler and select your favorites before meeting with your musicians.

• Beautiful Bouquets Chart •

Plan your perfect bouquet
from the extensive ideas on your Beautiful Bouquets Chart

• Color Coordinator Chart •

Plan your colors. From an elaborate palette of choices you can
mix and match and put any combination of colors next to each other to choose your favorites.

Tomorrow Time Capsule and Balloons

On this wonderful day you'll be surrounded by the most important people of your life. It's a great opportunity to capture treasured memories and mementos. And what a great display your Tomorrow Time Capsule kit will make with your Time Capsule Balloons sailing above it. Make an announcement during your reception to let everyone know what time you will be sealing your Time Capsule. Be sure to put a copy of the newspaper from the day of your wedding in the Capsule. Then, most important of all, inscribe on the personalized insignia on your Time Capsule the anniversary date that you plan to open it. When that day comes be prepared for one of the most heart warming, and romantic, days of your life!

PLUS - Personalized with Your Names and Wedding Date:

• OnTime Photo Invitations

You could spend hours of time on phone calls - usually talking to answering machines instead of to people - to let people know what time to be at the wedding for their photographs. Or, you could just drop your beautiful OnTime Photo Invitations in your wedding invitations envelopes. Then it will be right with them along with your Cermony and Reception times.

• EasyFind Map and Guide

You could spend hours on the phone letting people know how to find your ceremony and reception locations. Or you could do what many people do - put hand written maps in the same envelopes as the beautiful invitations they selected. But here's the best option: use your beautiful personalized EasyFind Map and Guide to provide your guests this important information - and, at the same time, add an elegant touch to your invitations.

• LifetimeLabels Memory System •

You probably know many families with a lifetime of photographic memories stored in shoe boxes that they plan to sort and organize "someday". It's pretty difficult to catch up on "someday". Since you're starting a new life together why not plan your lifetime of memories now with your own personalized LifetimeLabels Memory System. You receive personalized pre-labled templates for your lifetime labeling system.

• Photo Albums • Scrapbooks • Videos •
Start your journey through life together with these personalized labels for
organizing and storing a lifetime of memories

Did someone video tape your wedding? The tape they gave you may only have the manufacturers name on it. Fortunately your labels system has Personalized Wedding Tape Labels for you - complete with your names and wedding date! Did someone make an audio recording of your complete wedding ceremony? Again, you have Personalized Labels. And how about all those mementos of the fun you had planning your wedding, and the good times you had together while you were engaged? From theater tickets, to letters and e-mail, you have souveniers you treasure. By now I'm sure you've guessed, you'll have a Customed Engagement Memories Lable for your box of engagement memories as well.

Imagine - All of this From a Photo Studio!

But as wonderful as all of these materials are, there's one thing that stands head and shoulders over it all - and that's the quality of our photography!

For Best of All - You'll have Superb StoryBook Style Photography
By Wedding Expressions

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