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Why Pay High Prices
for Your Wedding Photographs?
Why Pay?

$30 to $90 for an 8x10?
$15 to $70 for a 5x7?
$10 to $20 or more for 4x5's?

With Your Digital Files you'll
Get Low Cost Wedding Photographs and Save

8x10’s Less than $6
5x7’s Less than $4
4x5's Less than $0.50

Save on Wedding Photographs!
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This Report will shock you! It reveals the myths, the hype, and the misleading information about Wedding Photography that has been accepted as fact. But is it?


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At Last You Can Get Superb Wedding Photography with

Low Cost Wedding Photographs Prices

With wedding photography by Wedding Expressions you enjoy a unique combination: beautiful Designer Style Wedding Photography - AND inexpensive wedding photographs prices! Now at last you can get quality photography with low cost, affordable wedding pictures prices.

You keep the Digital DVD or CD and
save hundreds of dollars on reprints and enlargements

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Without your Digital Files...

What will your wedding pictures prices really be?
Hundreds more than you planned on!

With most studios when you ask about prices they quote a low "package price". But it's important to be aware of what you get - and what you don't get - for their prices.

The most important fact to consider is that you don't own any of the digital files. The package price you pay is for taking photographs at your wedding and for a specific number of included prints at specified sizes. The package you order may include some things you want, and other things you don't. Typically, after the wedding, you will review a number of "proofs or previews" and will select the photographs to be in the package. To get any additional photographs you still have to buy them. At whatever wedding photographs prices the studio has set. No matter how high. Think of what is happening! You have paid a studio to take pictures of you and your wedding. The studio now has digital files with images of you that you paid for - but you can’t have those files!

While conventional businesses typically mark up their products from 30% to 50% of their cost, photographers often charge you as much as 10 TIMES the actual cost of the prints - and sometimes more. That's right. 10 times the cost. How can they do this? Easy. Once they have your original files the only place you can get quality prints is from them - so they can charge whatever they want.

Consider this: most studios typically charge $10 to $15 for a 4x5 or 4x6 photograph. But if you took the same file to the lab you could get a high quality print for about 50 cents or less! So for the same $10 you could get 20 photographs!

Without your digital files, the only way to figure what the total cost of your wedding photographs will be, is to check out how much the studio charges for the additional photographs you need to buy - not just the package price.

Yes, people want to see them on the web. But the reality is, most of your family and friends will want a permanent printed copy.

And it's best to anticipate your total needs. You will probably want to put together a couple of parent albums. Brothers and sisters want copies. And then there may be grandparents and other family members who want photos. And of course all the members of your bridal party will expect souvenir photos. And they all know the difference between a scan and a photograph. Will you be coming back later to order more reprints and enlargements? And will there be a setup charge for a reorder? What if you want prints of different poses? Is there a setup charge for each different pose you want prints of? It can get pretty complicated. And very expensive.

The key question is what will you end up paying for all of the wedding photographs you will need. .

Imagine what you can save if you own the digital files! And imagine how much more you can get for your money. Whether your budget is big or small you can multiply what you can do with it by having those files!

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With your digital file...

You'll save hundreds of dollars on reprints and enlargements

And with your digital files you'll get all the original clarity, sharpness, detail, and rich color that you've come to expect from quality photography. No muddy scans - just the sheer quality that comes from photographs made from the digital files. And you own them!

Now...with Wedding Expressions you can have it all - fantastic photography and affordable, low cost wedding photographs prices.

Call Wedding Expressions today
to find out how much you will save!

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